That is a good question. My first introduction to computers was in the Navy in 1974. The first ones were analog computers basically one function each, these were for flight controls on aircraft. The next time was through who else but my dad, mr. gadget himself. He once bought a new printer and then told me he had no money for food, but he had a nice new printer. Ask me sometime about my folks they provided a somewhat different up bringing. Back to computer stuff. One weekend I come home on leave and my dad says go look under my bed. So I did and said so what? He said it is a computer that he bought out of a mag. He had to assemble the thing piece by piece. To make this short it took a while to get it all together. Every time I came home another piece would be done. One time he said it is working. So he proceeded to key in a short program in octal. He flipped switches yes switches and the lights blinked after several tries. Pretty cool he thought. As time passed new additions to memory, paper tape input, teletype, tape, on and on it went. I am thinking my first home system was around 1979. Hugh system with 4 8 inch drives, printer, and of course a monitor, don’t forget a whole 64k of memory and no graphics. Took 12 boards to make it all work. Saved for months to get a one board system. Then of course I did work for Intel for about 30 years. Mostly making Flash memory chips, communications devices and SSD’s. One thing that I have always liked is to play around with software and see how it works. But always payed if I liked it and used it, only fair. So I like share ware.