Don’t really remember exactly, I know sometime around mid 1977 if I recall correctly. My first experience with a program and changing it was with a star trek program written in basic. I had a copy from my dad and took it to my station and help the computer guy input the code into a main frame, pretty cool. But I am sure that would not be considered programming as a minor change should not count. My sister Mary claims she wrote code before me. Possible as she was home with my dad when he was building the machine. I have written code in many different computer languages and operating systems. Some for work some for the fun of it. Sometimes I look back at what I wrote and really don’t believe I wrote the code. Some of the langues I have written in over the years: Basic (original version), visual basic, pascal, fortran, rat4, ibm 360 assembly, assembly for 8080, z80, power pc, Pentium, c, c++, aux, perl, python, unix scripts, Linux scripts, java, html, php. Special langues would include about 10 or so different semiconductor testers and F/A equipment. OS’s would include CPM, DOS, Unix, Linux, all versions of windows. All in all I written millions of lines of code, some good, some great, some so so and of course some just crap. Most of course was to test memory devices, to collect and correlate mega amounts of data. At one point I collected data for almost 500k flash devices with datalog data after and during all test steps. All was automated by code written my me. This was before big data and almost 20 years ago. I don’t even know how many gigbytes was looked at. This was a large amount of data for the time frame.