I am number 3 of 6 children. I have or had 2 bothers and 3 sisters. Celeste, Mike, Me, Joe, Mary and Colleen. Our parents Names were Pat and Joe. Mom passed in 1993 from cancer at a young age of 56. Dad passed in 2000 from the flu two weeks after the new year. Joe and Mike passed in April and May of 2010, both way to young, 53 and 49. I do have children from my second marriage Rick and Jack. Of course Rick is a Jr., not sure I would do that again, and Jack was named after his mothers father Jack. Both are married, Rick to Trisha and Jack to Christy. As of this FAQ; we have 6 grand children and 1 on the way. Rick has 3 children, Adan, I always spell it wrong sorry, Adan is Trish’s first son and is now 14. Then there is Eli who is 9 and Jill who is 8, I have to admit I am not sure on the ages. Not that I don’t care just don’t remember put it down as old age. I also have two step children Kori and Kendall both great kids who have children of their own. Kori who is married to Cam has two boys Gavin who is 5 and Drake who is 3. Kendall is Married to Sarah they have a cute little girl named Mallory who I call Duck. Also we have 3 dogs buddy, harley, haley and we also have 2 baby cats well almost a year old cats that weight over 20lbs each.